On-Site LeadCheck™
8 Pack


SKU: LeadCheck-8-Pack


LeadCheck™ kits provide a quick and easy, low-cost DIY self-test to give you an initial indication of the presence of lead-based paint.

WARNING: LeadCheck™ kits should only be used as a preliminary’screen’ or indicative test. They do not produce conclusive results. Although useful to identify areas for ‘paint on surface’ sampling and subsequent off-site analysis, they do not satisfy the legal requirement to quantify lead hazards on commercial projects.

Most importantly they’ll indicate the probable need to plan for managing ‘significant’ worker lead exposure issues, including:

  • Blood Lead Levels (BLLs) & Personal Air Monitoring
  • Lead Paint Hazard Reduction & Lead-safe Work Methods
  • Lead Dust & Lead Contamination Control and Containment
  • Lead Contamination Clean-up & Clearance/Re-assurance Testing
Lead Survey - Total Lead Risk Management